Welcome to IONwebdesign.

We have been producing cost-effective web applications for our clients for more than ten years.

Using scripting technologies and standards-based design, we provide our clients with sites that are tailored to their needs, and which they can maintain themselves.

We also offer a site maintenance and updating service for those clients who wish to outsource their website updating needs.

We also build complex intranet applications which integrate with exisisting back-end systems to enable businesses and organisations to reap the benefits of integration and do more with less.

In particular clients benefit from advanced use of relational databases and data manipulation and display.

Typo3 Content Management Framework

IONwebdesign has considerable experience producing advanced web-based applications using the Typo3 CMS, including producing specialist extensions for Typo3.

Typo3 allows the rapid development and deployment of websites, and is scalable to produce very large and very complex sites, with advanced management and editorial facilities.

We also provide the specialist hosting that Typo3 requires.

please contact us by emailing jim AT ionwebesign.co.uk for more information.

Portfolio of IONweb public websites

The following are a random selection of public sites we have completed for clients.

  • www.windrushhouse.comWindrush House, Broadway
  • www.acem.org.ukAssociation of Clinical Electron Microscopists (ACEM)
  • www.wilshamfarm.co.ukWilsham Farm
  • www.cyequip.co.ukCy Equipment Ltd.
  • www.exmoor-country-cottages.comExmoor Country Cottages
  • www.italian-spinone.co.ukA shaggy dog story.
  • www.swallowsrest-exmoor.co.ukExmoor Holiday Home

Simple brochure-style websites, or large complex intranet web applications: we can provide the cost-effective solution you need.
We use the latest web technologies to build sites that work as you want them to, whilst helping you avoid the common pitfalls.
IONweb design

Web design and consultancy.

Web design and consultancy has been at the heart of what we do for more than ten years. We believe design should be for something, rather than being an end in itself. Over the years the tools available to us have multiplied until now virtually anything is possible.
But that can make matters worse!
We believe it is our job to make the tools we use - databases, CSS, JQuery, Backbase, Typo3, scripting and all the rest - produce effective results for you, without overcomplicating or slowing your websites, to give your web visitors or users the best possible experience.
IONweb host

IONweb provides our infrastructure.

  • web hosting from simple to specialist, including TYPO3 ready;
  • providing email, anti-spam and webmail;
  • SSL;
  • usage statisitcs;
  • domain name management;
  • client help and support portal (http://support.ionweb.co.uk);
  • 'plug and play' web appliances based on Open Source software offering Active Directory integration and Single Sign On;
Typo3 CMS

Specialist TYPO3 services

Typo3 is a mature, secure, enterprise-level content management framework, fully extensible with hundreds of useful extensions. Although not suitable for all clients, it can help with
  • rapid development and deployment of websites large or small;
  • simplified maintenance of content-rich and frequently changing sites, including Digital Asset Managment, versioning, and editorial control;
  • scalable for very large/multi language sites;
  • excellent for intranet solutions;
  • easily adapted and extended to suit your needs;
Save the Children

Save the Children.

Save the Children is our charity of choice, which we try to support as much as we can. We should emphasise that we have not had anything to do with the creation or maintenance of their websites - although we would love to! Don't let that stop you making a difference by going to www.savethechildren.org.uk/en/donate.htm right now, though...
Happy Humans - British Humanist AssociationWe also support the British Humanist Assosciation.

Get competitive pricing, bespoke design and programming, SEO - websites with all the trimmings - to suit your business logic and budget.
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